Dongmen shopping street
Splendid China
China Folk Cultural Village
Happy Valley
Lowu Commercial Building
Dafen oil painting village
Shenzhen Safari Park

Situated in the city’s famous commercial center -Dongmen shopping street, 100 meters away from the subway. 5 minutes away from the railway station and 40 minutes away from ShenZhen airport.


1、From HK: take the train to lowu, shenzhen. after passing the border, take the metro and get off at Laojie station, at exit B turn right and go straight, you will easily find the hotel.

after passing Huanggang border, take a taxi to the hotel which cost about RMB40.00.

2、From Airport: take taxi which may cost RMB150.00 or 20 US Dollars
take airport bus(cost RMB20.00) and get off at the final stop Hualian mansion, take a taxi to the hotel( cost RMB15.00), or take the metro and get off at Laojie station, turn right at exit B and go straight.
3、From railway station
Take metro and get off at Laojie station, cost RMB2.00. By taxi cost RMB15.00.

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